Full domain of the subjects involved
Absolute respect to the commitments undertaken

Promptness and speed in decision taking
Application of value engineering concepts for projects feasibility


  • In choosing and assessing the land
  • Master plan conception
  • Feasibility study
  • Development of Every Project
  • Licenses from public bodies

In other types of projects

  • Analysis of existing projects
  • Customized solutions for specific needs

To operate in Engineering and Construction, cultivating a high-performance team, meeting market opportunities, building good business so to overcome our strategic public expectations with intelligent solutions, results excellence, quality, security, and sustainability.

Diase aims to expand its market share in the Brazilian market of constructions, being recognized by people management and development and admired for its innovation and efficiency.

Ethics and Compliance: We believe that the right way contributes to the development of a sustainable environment and a fair and compassionate society.

Continuous Learning Culture: Our evolution requires disposition to learn and teach, applying these actions fruits in the continuous development of people, business, and our culture.

Innovation: The search for innovation both in the construction and in our processes promotes benefits with increase of productivity, quality, and cost reduction.

Responsibility and sustainability: We act prudently and responsibly in the benefit of the society and the environment.


José Celso Dias

Chief Executive (CEO)

Sandra Simões

Senior Vice-President

Bruno Dias

Operational Director

Rafael Dias

Finance Director

Maciel Dias

Managing Director

Marcos Santos

Project Director

Armando Neto

Budget Director

Vânia Ciaramello

General Manager

Maria Lucia

Project Manager

Claudio Monteiro


Luiz Carvalho