Learn about the advantages of using Tilt-Up in your construction.

Finish and specific treatments for each type of project.
With horizontal walls and absence of pillars, the project is delivered in a far lower time.
Reinforced concrete walls dismiss maintenance.
Cost is restricted to façade periodical repainting.Safety
Variety in decoration treatments.
Unlimited colors in embossed panels.
Greater safety to the building site, since the need for working at height is reduced.
Reinforced concrete and technology employed ensure longer shelf-life.
It may be projected and built enabling easy expansion highlighting the panels and performing new openings.
Noise absorption more effective than any metallic closing building.
Because it is a reinforced concrete wall, it ensures higher thermal comfort.
The system offers greater resistance against fire comparing to other metallic structures.

Casas Bahia – Arujá | Area: 142,724 m² | Year 2012

Large Distribution Center with over 270 docks built in 8 months.

Danfoss - Osasco | Area: 10,887 m² | Year 2008

Execution of curved Tilt-Up panels